Llepo is inspired by the northern state of mind – since 2021.

Llepo products emanate the joy of handiwork. These Finnish-made products convey the simple Scandinavian form and boho smoothness, bringing warmth to interior design.

Llepo himmelis have been designed to create refreshing vitality to different spaces, but at the same time they manage to generate a calming, almost static moment. While the busy world is revolving around us, it is worthwhile to take some time and enjoy the vibes, clean shapes and slow movement of Llepo, as it urges you to slow down.

The design of Llepo himmelis is free from historical constraints, as the traditional concept has been brought to the modern age. Complex assembly phases and instructions are no longer an issue, as Llepo himmelis are almost entirely pre-assembled. The finishing touches are easy – you only need to tie a couple of knots.

Enjoy the timeless movement of clean shapes.

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